Cold-Formed Steel: The Building Material of the Future

Cold-Formed Steel: The Building Material of the Future

BlogDate: 02-08-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

It can be said that cold-formed steel is rising and plays a vital role in modern construction because of its many advantages. Find out with MRS Steel what benefits cold-formed steel brings to your building. 

1. The first benefit of cold-formed steel: Solidity

Steel is a metal with great strength, so steel structures have a high bearing capacity. The steel frames can withstand harsh conditions such as thunderstorms, wind storms, earthquakes,... Therefore, cold-formed steel provides durability and good bearing, making the building safe and durable.


2. Quick assembly of cold-formed steel 

Cold-formed steel is relatively light, making it easy to transport and handle. The parts are connected quickly and accurately because they are manufactured in a factory with detailed dimensions and specifications. Therefore, large-scale projects can be easily implemented in just a few weeks. The cold-formed steel wall, floor, and roof sections can be assembled externally, reducing delays and costs due to weather and ensuring better quality control.

3. Cost savings are the most crucial benefit of cold-formed steel 

In addition to solidity and less construction time, choosing a cold-formed steel structure also helps you save costs effectively. Components made from cold-formed steel are designed to be minimalist, which will help reduce the volume of the work, save significantly on materials, and still ensure solidity. Reduce labor and transportation costs. This option also helps you save costs in the following aspects:

  • The initial cost of steel is lower than other types of building materials.
  • The cost of insurance is low because steel is resistant to pests and diseases, resistant to rust, and can adapt to many different types of weather.
  • Low maintenance and repair fees have helped you save the most during the house's life cycle.



4. High applicability of cold-formed steel 

With many preeminent features, cold-formed steel is appearing more and more in works of monumental construction scale, with a capacity of up to hundreds of thousands of people. Cold-formed steel is dominating the construction market when used to build bridges and roads, factories, public buildings, warehouses, garages,... There have been many magnificent and unique structures made of cold-formed steel.

5. Flexibility of cold-formed steel

Steel is considered a highly flexible material that few materials have. Steel is a metal that does not warp, quickly shapes, and adjusts to customer needs. In addition, cold-formed steel is mobile when repairing, moving, renovating, and expanding the construction area. This saves time in restoring production and a lot of money compared to new construction.


6. High recyclability of cold-formed steel 

Steel is the only material with infinite recyclability. When the construction expires, it can be recycled into a completely new material. The choice of building with cold-formed steel has helped the material be exploited and used circularly, limiting adverse impacts on the environment and avoiding pollution in the production, erection, and use processes. In addition, it also helps to recover an attractive source of capital after selling scraps of expired work.

The many benefits that using cold-formed steel brings to life make many builders and fabricators more interested in this type of construction. Therefore, many massive projects were born thanks to the application of steel structures in construction, helping to create accents and increase safety and trust for users.