Top 5 Benefits of High-strength Steel in the Construction Field

Top 5 Benefits of High-strength Steel in the Construction Field

BlogDate: 03-08-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

High-strength steel has many crucial applications in construction, such as apartment buildings, commercial centers, bridges, and roads,...Thanks to its outstanding advantages that other materials do not have, high-strength steel developed into many different types to suit the needs of use. So what is high-strength steel? What are the benefits of using high-strength steel in construction? 

1. What is high-strength steel

High-strength steel is the most broadly utilized level of steel structures with better bearing capacity, fire, and heat resistance than ordinary steel. They have yield strength in the range of 210-550 MPa (30-80ksi) and tensile strength in the range of 270-700MPa (40-100 ksi). Steel with a tensile higher than 550MPa is called Advanced High Tensile Steel (AHSS). If the tensile exceeds 780 MPa will be classified as Ultra High Tensile Steel. 

Due to the advantages of strong, durable, and high-strength structure, this material is often used to produce high-end products that require high durability, such as car frames, boats, factory structures,...


2. Benefits of high-strength steel in construction

Construction works directly affect the safety of people, so care must be taken in every stage of construction. The use of high-strength steel is increasingly favored by the significant benefits that it brings as follows:

Durability and strength

One of the criteria to consider when choosing construction steel is its durability and strength. High-strength steel is composed of an alloy that has a higher yield and tensile strength than traditional steel. As a result, it is rust and corrosion-resistant to withstand extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters.

Cost savings

Compared to traditional materials, high-strength steel has a higher cost, but this is still the optimal cost choice for investors in the long run. High-strength steel is less maintenance and repair over time, so it not only ensures the safety of the building but also lasts longer than conventional steel buildings.

Environmental friendliness

High-strength steels are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, creating no environmental construction waste. In addition, buildings made from high-strength steel have more extended durability and service life, reducing the need for frequent replacement or maintenance and contributing to environmental sustainability.


Flexibility in design

Another outstanding benefit of high-strength steel is its design flexibility due to its malleability and ease of forming into various shapes and sizes. As a result, no matter how unique and creative the building designs are, high-strength steel can still be met.

Save construction time

High-strength steel is light in weight, easily handled and transported, thus significantly shortening the installation time as well as saving labor. Additionally, the works using high-strength steel do not consume much materials and there are few supporting columns to help reduce construction time.


3. Application of high-strength steel

Although the density of using high-strength steel is not as standard as other traditional steels, they still have wide applications in life, specifically:

3.1. Application of high-strength steel plate

  • Transportation: input materials for shipbuilding, ship repair, or production of cars, airplanes, wharves, and containers,...
  • Oil and gas: making offshore oil rigs, gasoline, gas storage tanks
  • Bearing Equipment: combustion boilers, steam pipes, boilers, gas cylinders, steam cylinders,...
  • Construction: structure of factory projects, construction works

3.2. Application of high strength cold drawn steel

High strength cold drawn steel can be used as a substitute for hot-rolled steel in structures with girders or columns, anchor hooks, reinforcing steel,... In addition, prefabricated concrete structures such as culverts, electric poles, and centrifugal concrete piles are also made from cold-drawn high-strength steel.

3.3. Application of high-strength rebar

For projects requiring high durability and good bearing capacity, such as apartments, commercial centers, bridges, and roads,..., high-strength rebar is the best choice.


4. Import quality high-strength steel from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the famous steel import markets of many developed economies in the world. In 2022, Vietnam exported 3.54 million tons of steel to the ASEAN region. The EU market reached 1.37 million tons; the Us reached 681.6 thousand tons; South Korea 468.5 thousand tons,...

Also, in 2022, the total steel production output reached 29.34 million tons. Vietnam is still stable in terms of export output as well as consumption. Steel products are manufactured under a closed process, consuming strict regulations on the chemical composition of steel billets. Vietnam uses the Italian Danieli steel rolling line to increase the weldability and durability of construction steel.


Vietnam's quality steel products are widely distributed domestically and internationally, so they will inevitably be counterfeited and low quality. Therefore, if you need to import high-quality steel from Vietnam, contact reputable, long-term intermediary support units for the best support.

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Hopefully, sharing the benefits of high-strength steel in construction has helped you choose more suitable materials for your project. For all consulting and import needs of high-strength steel from Vietnam, please contact MRS Steel via Whatsapp: +84 76 911 2358 for 24/7 support.