MRS Steel attended the 14th International Exhibition on Iron, Steel and Metal Processing in Vietnam

MRS Steel attended the 14th International Exhibition on Iron, Steel and Metal Processing in Vietnam

BlogDate: 16-11-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

The 14th Vietnam International Iron, Steel and Metal Processing Exhibition - ISME VIETNAM 2023 took place from November 15 - November 17, 2023 at SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh Avenue, District 7, Ho Chi Minh. At the exhibition, MRS Steel met domestic and foreign partners, discussed and shared steel import and export opportunities in the near future.

During 3 days November 15 - 17, 2023, Vietnam International Iron, Steel and Metal Processing Exhibition (ISME), organized by the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of nearly 50 enterprises in the steel production industry worldwide. Leading major brands in the Vietnamese and global iron and steel industry attended and displayed products, machinery, equipment, techniques and technology such as:

  • Steel and products made from steel: steel plates, steel pipes, steel coils, shaped steel, cast iron, heat-resistant materials, titanium, anti-wear materials, anti-rust materials, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel products, metal products, color-coated corrugated iron, metal structural products, coal raw materials, steel alloy products...

  • Iron and steel technology, machinery, equipment and techniques: Iron and steel production technology, bending machine, steel rolling, plate rolling machine, rolling rack, rolling shaft, equipment and techniques for steel alloy production, metal reprocessing, metal heat treatment, metal automation equipment and techniques, chain processing, steel industry supporting industries...

  • Metallurgical equipment and techniques: Metallurgical products, metallurgical chemical products, metallurgical furnaces, industrial lubricants, industrial gases, metallurgical raw material processing equipment (minerals, coal stone and other auxiliary materials), casting, welding equipment.

  • Environmental protection equipment and techniques, metallurgical consulting and design services...

VSA hopes that the exhibition will bring businesses many opportunities to promote their products, expand networking, strengthen the domestic market, cooperate in investment, promote growth, improve product quality and business competitiveness.

Notably at ISME VIETNAM 2023, in addition to market survey activities, working tours with factories, industrial parks, export processing zones and exchanges between Vietnamese and international businesses, introducing new technology, products,... businesses and customers had the opportunity to meet and discuss in-depth with leading Asian, regional and Vietnamese experts on the iron and steel industry.

MRS Steel, as the leading steel import solution provider in Vietnam, attended and shared deep insights with experts and customers about the market and products. Through providing and exchanging the latest, multi-dimensional information from state agencies, industry associations, experts, domestic and foreign steel enterprises about Vietnamese legal regulations, regional and international policies, MRS Steel can provide appropriate consulting and support strategies for importers.

MRS Steel has more than 12 years of experience in the field of sourcing and exporting steel to many developed countries and is a close partner of many importers from ASEAN, USA, Australia, EU, UK, Belgium, Italy,... MRS Steel can help you to monitor and handle all processes from sourcing goods, quoting prices, supporting shipping plans,... from A-Z.

For all information and needs to import quality and reputable Vietnamese steel, please contact MRS Steel via Whatsapp: +84 76 911 2358 or Email: for 24/7 support.