PPGI and PPGL Steel Coil - Which Will Be The Perfect Choice For The Construction

PPGI and PPGL Steel Coil - Which Will Be The Perfect Choice For The Construction

BlogDate: 18-05-2023 by: Ngan Le

PPGI and PPGL are always the perfect choice for contractors because of their durability as well as the eye-catching color effects. However, when looking outside, many people are easily confused by their similar appearance. In fact, if you analyze them closely, you will see that they are very different and each has its own characteristics and applications.

1. Overview about PPGI and PPGL

Pre-painted galvanized steel coils are formed from a galvanized steel sheet, then this sheet is coated with a color paint layer to increase aesthetics for the appearance of construction. Pre-painted galvanized steel coil is also known by the common abbreviation that means PPGI. Besides the application to increase the appearance of the building, this painted coating also helps to protect the sheet by resisting heat from sunlight.

Pre-painted galvalume steel coils are formed by a galvalume steel sheet which is coated with high quality paint to ensure aesthetics, as well as meeting requirements about product color. Unlike galvanized steel coils which have 100% zinc elements , pre-painted galvalume steel coils are the perfect combination of aluminum, zinc and silicon elements to help the material achieve the highest durability.

PPGI Vietnam

2. Similarity and distinctive in structure of PPGI and PPGL

Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Coil (PPGI)

PPGI is produced from a cold rolled steel coil firstly, then this steel coil will be dipped into a hot zinc bath to create a zinc layer that covers the face of the product. In normal conditions, the zinc coating is seen as a shield to cover the core steel while it helps to limit corrosion as well as prevent oxidizing matters.

However, if put the product in an environment with high temperature and high salinity, only one layer of zinc will not be able to protect the coil because its heat resistance is not considered highly. Therefore, people will cover it with an extra layer of color to increase the durability of the product.

Specifically, a pre-painted galvanized steel coil will be composed of 3 layers as follows:

  • The innermost layer: this is the core steel layer and is also the most abundant component of the coil, it determines the hardness and shape of the product.
  • The second layer: this is the zinc layer that is coated on the core steel during the hot-dipped process, the zinc element reacting with the steel will generate a barrier to help resist oxidizing agents that cause rust.
  • The outer layer: producers will cover more layers of color paint to make the surface better. The coat of paint layer will be brushed from 2 to 3 times including the primer layer, finishing layers as long as the surface is smooth and shiny.

structure of PPGI

Pre-painted Galvalume Steel Coil (PPGL)

People if only look at the outside PPGI and PPGL, it's sure that many people will be mistaken easily because it looks quite similar to galvanized steel coil. Nevertheless the composition is a little different when it is formed from cold rolled steel sheet, then the manufacturer will continuously hot dip this steel plate with the composition ratio: 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% Silicon.

Regarding of the structure, PPGL is classified into the following classes:

The innermost layer is the cold rolled steel layer of the product. After the surface is cleaned, the manufacturer will put this cold rolled steel layer into an annealing furnace to change some characteristics so that the cold rolled steel layer is increased adhesion to the plating layer.

The second layer: this is an aluminum-zinc layer which is coated on the surface of the steel core by hot-dip galvanizing and it covers both sides of the steel plate. The aluminum component in the sheet is quite thick, it is enough to form a steady barrier to prevent negative impacts on the steel core layer. In the aluminum zinc coating, there will be a small amount of Silicon to help create flexibility for the material.

Outer layer: this is considered the final finishing step for galvalume products, the paint layer acts as a durable shield to protect the product, helping to reduce heat absorption from solar radiation, along with preventing scratches, minimizing oxidation.

3. Which types of steel coil will bring the highest efficiency to the contractor?

Due to the current advanced coating technology, PPGI and PPGL are widely used in the construction industry because their eye-catching colors will enhance the appearance of the building. The coating also helps to keep the surface always in shiny condition and remove clinging places of moss; it contributes to maintaining a new and clean outlook over the years. One of the most common construction applications which are used from PPGI and PPGL can be mentioned as partitions, roofing sheets, awnings, rolling doors, etc. 

applications of PPGI and PPGL

In terms of good endurance in harsh environments, the PPGI is weaker than PPGL when compared. PPGI is essentially composed of a core steel layer and a 100% zinc layer, so it only promotes corrosion and rust resistance under normal conditions. Meanwhile, PPGL is better about anti-corrosion than PPGI, specifically the aluminum coating layer has the effect of reducing heat absorption from sunlight, effectively preventing fire, and supporting the building to stay cool and safe. The zinc component acts as a shield to protect the innermost steel core layer, preventing oxidation and corrosion from the steel base layer.

Thanks to its heat dissipation ability to keep the building cool, so PPGL is often used in many industries more widely than PPGI. Moverover, if the construction is in high mountains or near the sea, where the environment has high salt concentration as well as usual weather, contractors always give preference to using PPGL because of its longevity.

4. Differences of price between PPGI and PPGL

In regards to price, when compared with PPGI and PPGL, PPGI has a smaller price than PPGL. This reasonable price will help many businesses save costs in their construction projects. It can be said that if the building is located in an area which has pleasant weather together with not being too harsh, PPGI will be a useful choice both in terms of quality and budget optimization.

Obviously, both types of steel have their own advantages and disadvantages, PPGL possesses many more outstanding features, but price's PPGI is more reasonable than PPGL. Therefore, depending on the environment with the appropriate industrial application, the contractor can choose the most suitable type of steel.

5. Prestigious supplier of Pre-painted galvanized/galvalume steel coils in Vietnam

In the Vietnamese market, it is not difficult to find PPGI or PPGL, but how to buy the right quality steel that qualified ISO standards to ensure the solidity of construction. This is really a challenge for contractors, especially international steel importers. Therefore, choosing a reputable PPGI and PPGL distributor in Vietnam will be essential for steel importers.

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