How to Load Steel Coils Safely onto Ships?

How to Load Steel Coils Safely onto Ships?

BlogDate: 28-07-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

The export of steel coil in large quantities requires that the form of transportation be guaranteed so that the steel reaches the customer intact. Most steel coils are transported on cargo ships, so how do you load steel coils onto ships safely? Find out with MRS Steel through the following article.

1. What is sea transport? 

Sea shipping is one of the most commonly used shipping methods today. Usually, there will be 2 modes of transportation, mainly container ships and bulk ships.

Container ships are cargo ships with packages packed into containers. Packing goods into containers minimizes damage and loss, helping shorten the loading time at the delivery and receiving points.


Bulk ships are cargo ships with a very large capacity. Bulk ships are often used to carry items that are difficult to pack. These items will be stored directly in the waterproof compartments of the vessel. The vessel has a spacious cargo hatch that is convenient for arranging cargo, and the cargo hatch is also firmly machined to withstand the impact of cargo when moving.

For goods with such a large volume, the method of sea transportation by bulk vessel can help businesses reduce transportation costs compared to the method of shipping by container.

2. How to load steel coils? 

2.1  Steel Transportation

Steel after the finished product is usually wound and rolled into rolls to facilitate movement and storage. Depending on the port of origin, the steel will be delivered to the appropriate port with the support of specialized vehicles. 

2.2 Loading steel coils onto ships

These steel coils are usually transported in bulk and appropriately stowed into the ship's designated cargo compartments. They usually weigh about 40–50 tons. Typically, before loading steel onto the vessel, it is necessary to check and arrange the steel's loading position to ensure the product's quality during transportation.

2.3 The process of loading and unloading goods

The process of loading steel coils onto ships is carefully and meticulously done with the support of cranes and related parts. The steel will be loaded onto the vessel by forklift and tied by braided wire ropes or slings, avoiding chains, which can damage the steel surface. Before lowering the steel coils into the hold, the bottom of the boat will have pads to avoid collisions and damage to the steel surface.


2.4 Arrange and protect steel coils

After the steel coils are loaded onto the ship, the next step is the arrangement and fixation so that the steel does not move during the movement. Heavy and oversized coils will be arranged at the bottom, followed by smaller and lighter coils. The arrangement of the steel coils ensures the balance of the vessel.

3. Notes before loading goods on board

For rolled steel products, they are often transported in large quantities, so before loading the goods on the ship, it is necessary to note the following:

The cargo hold should be cleaned and dried, and all impurities that could affect the steel should be removed before loading the steel onto the ship. Upon request, a "cleaning certificate" issued by a third party is required before loading the steel onto the vessel.

It is necessary to carefully survey and inspect the cargo holds and mark any edges or sharp points that may affect the product.

Goods and products need to be arranged safely and thoroughly, optimizing the amount of goods in the available space. 


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