Top 5 leading steel manufacturers in Mexico

Top 5 leading steel manufacturers in Mexico

BlogDate: 01-11-2023 by: Ngan Le

The steel industry in Mexico is considered one of the most dynamic steel production hubs globally, as the country ranked among the top 15 steel manufacturers worldwide in 2022. Here is the list of the top 5 leading steel manufacturers in Mexico, evaluated based on their operational history, factory capacity, and an extensive network of branches not only within the country but also throughout the Americas region.

Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA)

AHMSA is a steel mill with a history of over 80 years of operation in Mexico, located in Monclova, a central region of the Coahuila state, about 250 kilometers from the U.S. border. The plant was initially established to solve the steel raw material shortages during World War II. Currently, AHMSA is the largest steel producer in the country, with an extensive industrial chain, from iron ore mining and coal mining to the production of various steel products.

Leveraging its advantage as a raw material miner and transporter, AHMSA is often known as one of the lowest-cost steel suppliers in the region. The plant's strengths include products such as hot-rolled coil steel, cold-rolled steel, tinplate, and construction steel. As the largest and most robust steel mill chain in Mexico, the company owns a 1,200-hectare facility with two main production plants, with a total capacity of 5.5 million tons per year.

Ternium México

Ternium is a steel production and distribution conglomerate that specializes in various types of steel, including hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, and construction steel. The company operates a network of facilities across multiple countries in the Americas region, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. The group aims to become a leading steel supplier in the Americas region, serving primarily the automotive, oil and gas, machinery, and construction industries.

According to data from the World Steel Association in 2021, Ternium was among the top 15 largest steel manufacturers in the world. Currently, Ternium operates 18 steel plant complexes and 42 distribution centers. In addition to steel production and distribution in the Americas region, Ternium is also known as a raw material miner in Mexican ore mines. With control over input materials and a vast network of operating plants across various countries, the company has an annual crude steel production capacity of 12.5 million tons, with hot-rolled steel being a significant product category, boasting a capacity of over 13.8 million tons.


Deacero is a mining and steel production conglomerate with over 70 years of history in Mexico. The group is focused on developing a leading steel distribution network across the Americas, with a presence in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Spain. Currently, the conglomerate owns a total of 21 Recycling Centers, 3 Steel Mills, 15 Finished Product Plants, and 1 Research Center, with a steel production capacity of up to 4.5 million tons per year.

Grupo Simec

Grupo Simec is a well-known leader in long steel manufacturers in Mexico, with a product portfolio that includes wire, rebar, structural steel, fencing, and wire mesh. Founded over 70 years ago, Simec played a vital role during the industrialization of the country. The company operates mainly in three regions: Mexico, the United States, and Brazil.

At present, the company operates a total of 15 mills, with 4 major mills in Mexico, located in Mexicali, Guadalajara, Tlaxcala, and San Luis Potosi, and 7 more mills in the United States and Brazil. As of 2020, the company's annual crude steel production capacity reached over 4.8 million tons, with finished steel production capacity exceeding 5.2 million tons.

ArcelorMittal Las Truchas

Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, ArcelorMittal Las Truchas is considered one of the largest steel manufacturers in Mexico with nearly 50 years of history. The company specializes in various long and flat steel products, including rebar, wire rod, hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, and other coated steel products.

Las Truchas is also the name of iron ore mines concentrated in the southeastern part of Mexico, with an annual iron ore supply of over 1.8 million tons. Due to its favorable geographical location, the Las Truchas plants can efficiently manage their raw material supply, enhancing production capacity. Currently, the steel production capacity of the plant is 6.4 million tons and is divided into two main branches: long steel with a capacity of 2.4 million tons per year, mainly providing steel bars and wire rods for the construction industry, and flat steel with a capacity of 4 million tons per year, accounting for 5/8 of the plant's production and primarily serving the international market.

It is evident that the abundant iron ore reserves in the region have created conditions for Mexico to develop its steel industry, making it the 14th largest producer of raw steel in the world. Additionally, the major steel production conglomerates in Mexico share a common trait – they have extensive networks of plants and branches spread throughout the Americas region due to their strategic geographic locations, serving as a bridge between North and South America.

Despite the recent decline in steel consumption and the challenges faced by the global steel industry for over a year, Mexico is still seen as a promising steel importing and exporting nation due to its excellent steel supply capabilities. The above is a list of the top 5 steel manufacturers in Mexico, as compiled by MRS Steel. If you need to learn more about the top steel manufacturers in other regions, including Vietnam, please continue to explore our Blog category!"