Top 5 Reasons To Use Sustainable Steel For Your Project

Top 5 Reasons To Use Sustainable Steel For Your Project

BlogDate: 24-10-2023 by: Ngan Le

The construction and the manufacturing industry have contributed to improving quality people's life; However, this is also one of the industries that consume the most resources to implement. That is why the trend of using sustainable steel for projects is a solution to eradicate the problem of environmental pollution and climate change.

Some highlight benefits that sustainable steel brings to your project

Over the years, buildings made of steel have become increasingly popular through the long-term benefits that it can offer. Steel is considered a sustainable material when it fully meets environmental criteria such as durability, saving natural resources along with recycling.

Unlimited recycling life

Steel possess metallurgical properties and is produced through smelting and casting stages, so the recycling life of steel is endless. After going through the recycling process, the steel can maintain the entire internal structure without any loss of strength. It can be said that steel is the main motivation that promotes the recycling of many industrial areas with a recycling rate of 95% for automobiles, the rate of 88% for household appliances of , and the rate of 70% for packaging made by steel.

Moreover, scrap steel is one of the main raw materials for steel production, an average of 3 tons of scrap can be recycled 2 tons of steel. Some of the excessive scraps will continue to take advantage in other applications as dust and sludge in the steelmaking process can produce aluminum.

Safe construction with sustainable steel

Steel is a special construction material as they do not need to be handled at the site, most of the parts will be manufactured in the factory first and then the transporter will bring them to the building area. The installation of steel structures becomes faster and easier than ever with the participation of construction equipment, thereby reducing the risks of occupational accidents and significantly shortening the time to complete the project.

Minimize the risk of damage

Steel is a symbol of durability, most of today's steels are equipped with additional coatings that significantly increase the life when it can resist corrosion and rust by the time.

The lifespan of steel in construction as well as in the automotive and consumer goods industries have been proven for decades. Due to its corrosion resistance to most external aggressors, steel is not necessary for maintenance. Sustainable steel has been making a certain contribution to the community economy and this is evident in the long-term cost-effectiveness that it brings.

Reduce emissions to the environment

Green steel has long been a topic of discussion among experts in the eco-friendly revolution. The trend of production and application of "green steel" in construction works or industries is gradually being supported when green steel still retains the durable advantages of origin steel together with eliminating the negative impacts to the environment.

Currently, many manufacturers have used hydro breakthrough technology in creating steel, a technology that allows replacing fossil fuels with green hydrogen, helping to reduce on average about 90% of CO2 emissions into the environment compared to traditional steel production technology. The EU market has also officially imposed an environmental protection tax on steel imports, this factor has motivated some Vietnamese enterprises to move towards producing "green" steel to keep up with the manufacturing trend in the future.

Sustainable steel for energy efficiency

The building with a steel frame structure not only increases the durability, but it also brings economic efficiency to electricity. Steel structures have close connections and are impervious. Therefore, in the summer when the humidity is high, the building will avoid getting moisture outside, leading to the interior environment to ventilate. The user can get rid of the cost for dehumidifiers or air purifiers.

In manufacturing applications, it is possible to utilize the heat and exhaust gas of steel to generate electricity, it is calculated that for every 1 ton of exhaust gas, 3 -4 kW of electricity can be produced. Applying the method of recovering heat and emissions from steel has helped many businesses be more proactive in their electricity demand, reduce input energy costs and significantly control emissions to the environment.

Sustainable steel options for your project

Based on five benefits that we offer, it can be seen that sustainable steel has made a positive contribution to the overall context not only of the environment but also having certain impacts to the economy. Currently, Vietnam is one of the leading countries in steel production in Asia, this is an ideal destination for importers with a series of large manufacturers such as Hoa Phat, Ton Hoa Sen, Ton Dong A, ...At here, there is a diverse supply of steel from galvanized steel, HRC and CRC to pipe steel products or whatever you want about steel products.

Responding to the trend of green technology to reduce emissions in the future, Vietnamese steel enterprises have also been implementing projects to establish green steel factories with a total capacity of 9.5 million tons/year. This is considered an important step in steel production technology in Vietnam to ensure the quality of the output steel fully meets the standards of greening criterias, it has been promoting the opportunity for the goods from Vietnam to export to European markets in the future.