What Is Storage Silo Used For? Types And Some Advantages

What Is Storage Silo Used For? Types And Some Advantages

BlogDate: 03-08-2023 by: Ngan Le

In the context of real estate's price becoming expensive, finding a place to store and preserve a large number of materials is always a problem for many manufacturers. Storage silo is considered a new invention in recent years as it offers a massive capacity without using too much land, in addition to the cooling and humidity control system will make the raw materials always in the best condition.

1. Overview of storage silo

Silo is a familiar phrase often used in goods storage systems. A storage silo is a type of warehouse with a structure like a tall tower, and manufacturers often store materials such as corn, grains, nuts, cement, plastic, etc.

The silo has an average height of 30-35m, and the bottom of the structure will be designed in a pyramid shape. The average capacity that a silo can contain is up to 1000m3 for liquids and 1000 tons for solid materials.


2. Some highlighted advantages of storage silo

Storing goods through silo is a phrase that is gradually becoming popular among businesses today because silos bring more convenience to businesses than traditional warehouses.

2.1. Optimize space

The first benefit that a storage silo can bring to users is spacing saving because the tower's structure of the silo allows them not to use too much of the surrounding area. In addition, when businesses want to increase silo storage capacity, they do not need to expand the land area. They also need to expand the area vertically.

2.2. Long-time storage

While traditional warehouses only store goods for 1 year,  the time that silos can reserve can be up to 3 years. Silo is able to achieve such a long shelf life thanks to the integration of the temperature control system and the built-in fan system, which keeps the quality of the preserved materials always the same as the original.

2.3. Support the import and export of materials rapidly

The unique structure of the silo includes the upper and lower material intake doors designed in the shape of a funnel, allowing manufacturers to quickly load materials and pick up goods. Adjusting the valve allows the user to easily control the output items taken out.

In addition, the manufacturer can directly transport the storage silo to the dock to export raw materials, which will help businesses reduce the time unloading goods like the traditional way. In addition, this approach also helps them avoid losing goods during transportation when all materials are now packed in silos.


2.4. Save labor cost

The silo is fully equipped with temperature control, fan, and sensor rotation systems, so using too much labor is unnecessary. The ratio of people working in the storage silo is only 1:10, while the traditional warehouse requires a lot of staff to load and operate the goods.

Therefore, thanks to the silo, businesses can save some labor costs while ensuring that goods are always preserved in good conditions.

3. Some popular types of silos

Although storage silo systems are not popular in Vietnam, silos have been appearing for a long time in other countries, and they’ve become popular in many fields. Depending on the features of storage materials, businesses often divide silos into 3 main types: tower silos, bunker silos, and bag silos.

3.1. Tower silo

The tower silo is the most common model widely used in almost all fields. This type of silo is suitable for storing materials, including agricultural foods (corn, cereals, nuts) and even construction materials such as cement, wood chips, etc. These silos can be moved and unloaded to another location by unloading trucks.


3.2. Silo Bunker

This is a particular type of silo designed as an underground bunker. Similar to tower silos, bunker silos can store a variety of materials ranging from agriculture to building materials. However, the most common application of bunker silos is in the military field. They are considered as an underground bunker to store missiles.

3.3. Bag silo

Shaped like a cylindrical plastic bag with a diameter of 3m and sealed at both ends. Bag silos assist users in flexibly increasing or decreasing the stock output by adjusting the bag length. The bag silo helps businesses save costs through simple crafting methods. In addition, it can be reused many times.

4. How to choose a high-quality storage silo for your business

Silo is an advanced storage solution with many outstanding benefits to replace the traditional warehouse system. The components that make up the silo mostly come from concrete or steel. One of the most common materials generating silos is galvanized steel because galvanized steel will help the silo endure harsh weather conditions.

Before investing in silo production, the selection of quality steel from a reputable steel supplier plays an essential role in the enterprise's warehouse renovation plan. With 12 years of experience in the steel industry in Vietnam, MRS Steel is confident to become a suitable partner to accompany you in the plan based on its expertise as well as substantial relationships with the large Vietnam factories.

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