Overview Tay Nam Steel Mill - A Reliable Steel Supplier in the Southern Vietnam

Overview Tay Nam Steel Mill - A Reliable Steel Supplier in the Southern Vietnam

BlogDate: 21-11-2023 by: Ngan Le

The Tay Nam steel mill is regarded as one of the leading steel suppliers in the southern region of Vietnam due to its pioneering innovations in the production process, resulting in high-quality steel products. Let's explore the entire scale and production capacity of the plant with MRS Steel in the following article!

History of establishment & main products of the Tay Nam steel mill

The Tay Nam steel mill, officially known as the Tay Nam Steel Production and Trading Company Limited, was established in 2016, with its main headquarters situated in the Thien Loc Thanh Industrial Zone of Long An province. Spanning across 10 hectares and strategically located near the International Port, the plant enjoys an advantageous position for both domestic and international steel product imports and exports.

Due to the goal of supplying and promoting high-quality Vietnamese steel brands to both domestic and international markets, Tay Nam Steel Company has continuously researched and focused on producing key products, including galvanized/galvalume steel, cold rolled steel, steel pipes and other construction steel. 

Galvanized/galvalume steel (GI/GL) & pre-painted galvanized/galvalume steel (PPGI/PPGL)

The plant provides a range of cold-rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, and colored galvanized sheets catering to various sectors such as civil and industrial construction, automobile manufacturing, furniture,... The galvanized sheet products meet international standards like JIS G3302, ASTM A653, AS1397, EN 10346.

Moreover, the galvanized sheet product line has been a focal point for substantial investment, ensuring diverse specifications and attractive designs to meet partner requirements. Notably, the competitive edge lies in the optimal thinness of the galvanized coating, ranging from 0.2mm to a maximum of 3.5mm.

Cold rolled steel & galvanized rolled steel coils

Currently, Tay Nam steel mill is offering two primary rolled steel products, including cold-rolled steel coils and galvanized rolled steel coils. The cold-rolled steel product line is manufactured according to JIS G3141 standards, with widths ranging from 300mm to 1250mm and thicknesses that can be processed from 0.3mm to 2.00mm. Similarly, the galvanized rolled steel at the plant meets the full specifications of JIS G 3302, ASTM A653, and AS 1397, with widths fluctuating between 300mm to 1250mm and corresponding thicknesses from 0.16mm to 3.20mm. 

The raw material coils undergo surface treatment and flexible thickness processing, ensuring the finished rolled steel meets technical standards. The diversity of rolled steel products plays a crucial role in various industries like automobile manufacturing, construction, mechanics and even electronics.

Construction steel

Apart from galvanized sheets and cold rolled steel coils, the Tay Nam steel mill emphasizes various structural steel types to meet both domestic and international steel demands. Current offerings include rectangular hollow sections, square hollow sections, round pipes, oval pipes, C-sections, Z-sections, U-sections, V-sections, and I-beams. The steel tube products are directly manufactured from galvanized rolled steel, boasting a polished surface and meeting international standards with thickness ranging from 0.55mm to 9.5mm, providing diverse choices for partners.

Expansion assembly line to enhance production capacity

Over the years, the company has invested significantly in manufacturing processes to deliver high-quality steel products. With a total area of 10 hectares, the plant owns two zinc-plating lines and one color-coating line with a combined design capacity of 500,000 tons per year, employing technology from renowned supplier Tenova - Italy.

The zinc-plating line, equipped with NOF furnaces for surface cleaning of sheets, along with devices to measure coating thickness, currently produces up to 300,000 tons of galvanized steel annually. Additionally, the plant has installed a color-coating line with a design capacity of 150,000 tons per year, using specialized coatings such as SMP, high silicon, PVDF, ensuring aesthetically pleasing colored galvanized products and resilience against external environment.

Capturing export markets through product quality

The plant not only focuses on meeting domestic market demands but also expands its export scale. To foster growth in export business, the company has implemented various pricing policies corresponding to every market consumption, they’re also continuously researching production and supplying more diverse product lines in the future to meet international market demands.

In recent years, Tay Nam steel mill has established and developed a stable export network to ASEAN countries like Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the United States, Europe, and the Australian market. In 2023 alone, the export proportion accounted for 75% of the factory's sales volume, averaging around 22,000 tons per month. With the aim to contribute to boosting Vietnam's steel industry exports, the factory plans to further strengthen and increase the value of export volumes by supplying premium steel products in the future.

Choosing reputable steel suppliers from Tay Nam steel mill

The Vietnamese rolled steel coils and galvanized steel market has long been intensely competitive among numerous domestic enterprises, posing challenges for importers in sourcing quality products with clear origins from factories. MRS Steel, with a mission to specialize in providing steel solutions for importers with a team of experienced professionals, helps importers access authentic steel products transparently in terms of price consultation, avoiding time and effort in searching and verifying sources.

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