Improving Vietnamese steel quality: a key factor to create competitive advantages

Improving Vietnamese steel quality: a key factor to create competitive advantages

Steel NewsDate: 19-05-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Improving steel quality is currently an important foundation for promoting the integration process, economic exchanges, and the expansion of trade exchanges among Vietnamese steel enterprises. Today, customers focus on product quality rather than price, so if you want to retain customers, you need to build a steel quality system.  In the international market, Vietnamese steel is increasingly appreciated for producing steel products that are both quality and affordable.

Why improve steel quality?

For businesses, improving steel quality is the most useful way to compete and attract customers. In today's conditions, improving product quality is one of the strategies to survive and develop businesses in a sustainable way and is also an important basis for promoting the process of integration, economic exchanges, and expanding international trade exchanges between enterprises. Product quality is critical for improving competitiveness and confirming the position of enterprises' products, goods, and brands in today's fiercely competitive market. Improving steel quality is not only important for businesses but also for the entire economy.

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When quality is guaranteed and improved, the number of products consumed increases, contributing to the creation of conditions for business development. In fact, Vietnam is now a country with a very strong steel industry in the region, and Vietnam steel has risen to 13th in the world. Improving Vietnam's steel quality close to the world, in particular, is one way to help the steel industry develop sustainably in the future and meet the stringent requirements of global markets. 

Vietnam's steel quality is improving day by day

In recent years, Vietnam's steel industry has made significant progress and plays an increasingly important role in the steel industry in Southeast Asia. Vietnam currently holds the No. 1 position with 34% of total finished steel production in the region. Therefore, the requirements for steel quality in domestic and foreign markets are becoming increasingly strict. Vietnamese steel enterprises have invested trillions of VND to produce high-quality steel products favored by major markets in the world. The use of modern technologies and machines improves steel quality, allowing it to meet stringent requirements set by international standards for export and compete in demanding markets. Currently, Vietnamese steel has been exported to many countries and territories, especially the European and American markets. These are markets with very high requirements for product quality, which has also confirmed that Vietnam's steel quality is tending to go up. Opening a new step forward for our country's steel industry

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During the period of formation and development, Vietnam steel has constantly grown and brought to the market quality products with a variety of designs to meet the needs of the market. Vietnamese steel is also manufactured according to the standards of leading developed countries such as the US, UK, and Japan. Today, the steel quality of Vietnamese companies is increasingly gaining a foothold, and that also confirms a new step for Vietnam's steel industry on the world steel map.

Vietnam steel - Leading in quality 

In the Vietnamese market, steel quality is always the top priority of enterprises. Steel products in Vietnam are strictly controlled according to ISO quality management systems such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2017, and ISO 14001:2015 before being launched into the market. To achieve quality products, businesses all focus on investing in modern lines and equipment, regularly improving and upgrading equipment,... Vietnamese steel enterprises invest in training and improving employees' skills and abilities in addition to technology, equipment, and management software. Vietnamese enterprises have made investments to ensure the highest level of steel quality, which will be promoted in the future in order to maintain the reputation of Vietnamese steel branded products among customers.goods at home and abroad. Contributing to the development of Vietnam's steel industry in the world steel market.

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