G550 Galvalume Steel Coil - The Perfect Solution For Building Structures

G550 Galvalume Steel Coil - The Perfect Solution For Building Structures

BlogDate: 24-10-2023 by: Ngan Le

In building structures recently, the G550 Galvalume Steel Coil suddenly stands out as a useful solution for contractors thanks to its outstanding durability as well as meeting all strict quality standards, contributing to creating a durable structure over the years.

1. Origin of G550 Galvalume Steel Coil

Galvanized aluminum zinc alloy was first introduced to the public in 1972 with the trade name Galvalume. This is considered as a new improved version formed from galvanized steel sheet through hot-dip galvanizing with the proportions of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon.

The introduction of Galvalume has been well received from the public, typically after 7 years since its launch, Galvalume has reached the 1 million tons of finished products. Although Galvalume was so popular in the steel industry at that time, until 1990 that the product first appeared in the Vietnamese market. 

Since 2008, when Vietnam joined the WTO and its economy is thriving, it has led to a series of construction projects being invested more. Contractors have gradually become interested in Galvalume in applying to make roof structures and make up formed purlin frames because Galvalume brings the outstanding advantage including good heat tolerance along with superior oxidation resistance than other products.

Currently, Galvalume has been developed and expanded according to many different technical standards, the most popular standards are  from Japan, USA, Europe and Australia. The Australian standard is impressive as a typical standard for steels possessing high hardness and resistance when its Elongation percentage is only 2% - the lowest index when comparing similarity Tensile value among the other three criteria. The specific product which has amazing features is Galvalume Steel Coil G550.

2. The technical specifications and signs

Galvalume Steel Coil G550 is manufactured according to Australian standards to meet the constitutions and the load level of pressure in steel on Yield Strength, Tensile and % Elongation.

G550 has a minimum yield strength of 550 N/mm2, indicating  the remarkable resistance when it can take a huge force of 550 Newtons, equivalent to 55 kg per mm2 to make the product is deformed. 

In addition, the product also has a Tensile of 550 N/mm2 and the index is not much different from the Yield Strength. Therefore, it can be said that the Galvalume Steel Coil G550 possesses almost absolute hardness and brittleness. This figure contributes to increasing the rigidity of the product in particular and the solidity of the construction in general, minimizing warped or dented products at the construction site.

Currently, Galvalume Steel Coil G550 has 2 main colors including: Blue (AZ150), Bronze (AZ200). Depending on the color, the manufacturer will cover a zinc coating with different thicknesses, specifically 150g/mm2 for the navy blue type and 200g/mm2 for the copper color type. Possessing a zinc coating thickness of over 150, not only helps the product own a beautiful glossy surface from the zinc properties, but also enhances the excellent oxidation resistance, limiting the absorption of heat from the sun of aluminum.

3. Outstanding advantages of G550 and common applications

Because of the special combination of aluminum and zinc, the product has improved its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, while adding excellent heat and fire resistance to help G550 Galvalume Steel Coil withstand local wind and rain loads, it's extremely suitable for roofing applications in construction.

In the past, people often used black iron to make parts in the roof structure frame, but the types of black iron are very susceptible to rust, so the users have to check and maintain it every year. Since galvalume steel was introduced, it has shown 4 times longer life than ordinary black or galvanized steel, so the problem of ensuring sustainability has been thoroughly solved. Specifically, the G550 Galvalume Steel Coil series is frequently used by contractors in making purlins and bridges for tiled structural frames. Under the effect of the zinc coating, the surface of the structural frame will always maintain a shiny condition, bringing a good appearance to the building, the coating also helps to limit peeling and scratches, maintaining the appearance which is bright and new to the roof over time.

4. Prestigious trading G550 Galvalume Steel Coil in Vietnam

Choosing a high quality product like G550 Galvalume Steel Coil for your structures is not only the right choice but also this decision brings the long-term benefit for your business. Currently on the market, there are many suppliers of G550 Galvalume Steel Coil, but choosing a reputable supplier with an appropriate price is always an irresolute action for contractors as well as international importers.

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