Draft adjustment of Vietnam's steel export duty policy in 2022

Draft adjustment of Vietnam's steel export duty policy in 2022

Steel NewsDate: 06-04-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has submitted a document to the Ministry of Finance, expressing concerns about the impact of the proposed increase in steel export duty on Vietnam's iron and steel sector, particularly the steel billet manufacturing industry.

Changes in Vietnam's steel export duty 

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) has sent an official document to the Ministry of Finance to comment on the draft Decree amending and supplementing the Government's preferential import and export tariff. Accordingly, VCCI believes that the proposed increase in steel export duty will harm the steel billet manufacturing industry in particular and Vietnam's iron and steel sector in general.

Regarding Vietnam's steel import and export duty, the Ministry of Finance has proposed to change the export tax rate for billet products (groups 72.06 and 72.07) from 0% to 5%. The goal of this adjustment is to contribute to stabilizing the supply for the domestic steel market, stabilizing the market prices, and ensuring the stable development of the steel industry shortly.

Accordingly, the export duty is proposed to change based on applying a high level to raw materials and resources to limit the export of unprocessed natural resources. Therefore, the export duty rates for steel groups such as iron ores and steel scrap are regulated respectively at 40% and 15-17%. Particularly for semi-finished products such as billets, Vietnam is applying the export duty rate of 0%.


According to the Ministry of Finance, Vietnam's steel industry has had many positive signals with appropriate import and export duty policies. Currently, domestic enterprises are maintaining a stable growth rate, gradually becoming self-sufficient in steel production lines, technology, and capacity, meeting the needs of domestic use and export of steel products in large amounts abroad.

According to the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) 2022, Vietnam's billet production capacity has exported about 8,937 million tons of steel, reaching an export value of 7.99 billion USD. Vietnam's steel export market is mainly distributed in ASEAN (36.22%), EU (18.37%), US (10.57%), South Korea (6.8%), and Hong Kong (4.1%).

Steel import duty policy in China

According to the Ministry of Finance and the tax authority officially announced from 1/5/2021, China stopped the export duty refund policy from 13% to 0% for some steel groups. This decision strongly impacted 64% of China's steel exports, equivalent to 34 million tons, including alloy steel and carbon steel.

China's export duty refund policy with group 7210: Non-alloyed coated steel and 7217: Carbon steel wire will cause steel prices in the world to rise. Steel importers worldwide are also facing many difficulties from China's new duty law. They are forced to look for steel-exporting countries with preferential foreign customer policies.


Solutions to import steel in the Context of market fluctuations

According to the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) and other forecasts, the effects of inflation, high-interest rates, and the adjustment of duty policies of many countries will affect the global steel industry. Learning and connecting more with steel exporting countries in the world helps importers have more opportunities to access better supplies.

By taking advantage of domestic raw materials, Vietnamese steel mills help limit pressure due to latency. In addition, the recent benefits of the Government's export duty policy have also contributed to making Vietnam a potential cooperation market for many foreign partners. However, under trade barriers and obstacles in culture, language, and geography, importers still need help finding reputable and quality suppliers.

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