Thailand investigated hot rolled steel imports from China

Thailand investigated hot rolled steel imports from China

Steel NewsDate: 17-10-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

Recently, the Department of Foreign Trade of Thailand (DFT) announced an investigation into evading anti-dumping (AD) measures on hot rolled steel products, both coil and non-coil, imported from China. The investigation began on September 15, 2023, due to suspicions by the government that China was intentionally altering minor compositions of hot rolled steel to evade AD duties.

1. The situation of Thai steel imports from China

According to the Ministry of Commerce report, Thailand's steel demand shows promising improvements in 2023, but domestic production is on a decline. In the first 6 months of the year, the production volume decreased by more than 10%, especially in 1st quarter 2023 where it fell by over 36%. This has led to an alarming capacity utilization rate of under 30% in Thailand's steel industry. The steel consumption data for the first five months of 2023 shows 7.17 million tons, with a domestic production of 2.81 million tons and imports of 4.99 million tons, increasing by 15.6%. Notably, the import rate of Chinese steel has risen by over 50% compared to the same period in 2022, putting tremendous competitive pressure on domestic steel products.

2. Thailand intensifies investigations on hot rolled coil and non-coil steel imports from China

Faced with severe threats to Thailand's steel industry due to dumping and surging imports, domestic producers appealed to Thailand's Ministry of Commerce for timely measures. Consequently, on September 15, 2023, the government officially began an investigation into evasion of anti-dumping measures on hot rolled flat steel, both coil and non-coil, originating from 17 Chinese enterprises. The products under investigation are classified under HS codes as HS 7225.3090.022, 7225.3090.023, 7225.3090.024, 7225.3090.042, 7225.3090.090, 7225.4090.034, 7225.4090.090, 7226.911 0,022, 7226,9110,023, 7226,9110,024, 7226,9110. 042, 7226.9110.090, 7226.9190.022, 7226.9190.023, 7226.9190.024, 7226.9190.042 và 7226.9190.090.

Previously, Thailand had also imposed numerous trade defense measures against imported goods from China to protect the interests of domestic enterprises and the national steel industry.

3. Thailand importers benefit from Vietnamese steel

Thailand is one of Vietnam's main steel export markets, with $281.8 million in iron and steel products and $103.8 million in products made from steel in 2022. With many advantages and tax incentives, many importers have chosen Vietnamese steel for its affordable price and quality.

In 2023, the DFT decided to terminate the anti-dumping duty order on alloy-coated zinc aluminum steel products from Vietnamese manufacturers like Hoa Sen Group, Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock Company, Hoa Phat One Member Limited Liability Steel Sheet Company, Vnsteel Thang Long Coated Steel Joint Stock Company, Maruichi Sun Steel Joint Stock Company, Dong A Steel Joint Stock Company, Dai Thien Loc Corporation, NS BlueScope Vietnam Limited Company, and Southern Steel Company.

Earlier, on March 25, 2017, the DFT had imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on zinc-aluminum alloy-coated steel, ranging from 4.3% to 60.26%.

In addition to AFTA, ACFTA, RCEP, etc., Vietnam and Thailand have participated in and signed numerous bilateral agreements to enhance their economic and trade relationships. Furthermore, both countries, being neighbors in Southeast Asia, benefit from supply chain efficiencies and transportation advantages, leading to time and cost savings.

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