Learn about square hollow section steel with its superior features and advantages

Learn about square hollow section steel with its superior features and advantages

BlogDate: 27-11-2023 by: Ngan Le

Square hollow section steel is always a common steel in the construction field thanks to its durability and good loading capacity. Therefore, more contractors are interested in choosing steel square tubes for their construction projects. To understand clearly about the characteristics and advantages of square box steel, follow the article below!

Characteristics and application of square hollow section steel

Square hollow section steel is a long steel with a hollow shape like a square. According to the current specification table, square box steel is produced in many different sizes from 12x12cm to large 90x90cm with thickness from 0.7mm to 4mm. Based on the variety of sizes and acreage, contractors can comfortably apply them to different projects.

Besides the diverse sizes, currently on the market, there are only 2 types of square hollow section steel, including black square hollow section and galvanized square hollow section. The two types of box steel have different advantages and prices in the market, specifically:

Black square hollow section 

This steel can be easily identified through its characteristic dark blue color. Basically black square steel hollow section is also a raw steel, so its anti-rust ability is quite poor, but they are low-priced products on the market. Thanks to these factors, contractors often use them for internal structures such as roof frames, scaffolding, high-rise building foundations, ..

Galvanized square hollow section

Thanks to being coated with an additional layer of zinc oxide on the surface, this steel possesses a brighter and more beautiful appearance than the black square steel line. The zinc layer is a shield to help prevent oxidation and rust, thereby enhancing their life span. Contractors will not need to worry about periodic maintenance costs when using for a long time but they have a high initial cost because of the addition of zinc coating.

Specification table of the square hollow section steel on the market

Square box steel often has the characteristics of equal length and width acreage, some common steel standards that can be found in square box steel include: IS, JIS G3101, STK 400, ASTM A500,...

The smallest acreage size of square hollow section steel on the market is 12x12mm and the largest is 100x100mm. Besides the common sizes, you can order the factory to produce the kinds with oversized sizes such as 120×120, 150×150, 200×200.

Size (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/rebar)
12 x 12 x 60.8 - 1.21.51 - 2.34
14 x 14 x 60.7 - 1.41.54 - 3.26
16 x 16 x 60.8 - 1.22.06 - 3.19
20 x 20 x 60.7 - 1.42.26 - 4.76
25 x 25 x 60.8 - 1.43.3 - 6.10
30 x 30 x 60.9 - 1.84.53 - 9.45
40 x 40 x 60.9 - 2.06.1 - 14.18
50 x 50 x 61.1 - 2.09.51 - 18.00
75 x 75 x 61.1 - 1.814.36 - 24.40
75 x 75 x 61.4 - 2.022.30 - 32.70
100 x 100 x 61.4 - 2.024.81 - 36.37

Outstanding advantages of square hollow section steel

The square box steel line is always the first choice in construction projects as well as in the field of furniture. These steels bring certain benefits such as cost savings and increasing convenience in installation and building for contractors.

Low cost

The raw materials to generate square hollow section steels are easy to find, the steel pipe production process is also quite simple when the manufacturer only needs to put the steel plate into the fixed rollers in the equipment. Thanks to the low cost, the product will be suitable for a variety of construction projects from small to large scale, in addition, contractors can optimize many different costs in the plan.

Long life

Although manufactured from cheap materials, square box steel still retains the durability of steel. Especially with the galvanized square hollow section lines, the durability can be up to 70 years thanks to the anti-rust and oxidation features, helping the steel to stand firm to hard environmental conditions.

Support for installation and construction

Based on wide square sections and straight sides, these steel pipes are easy to install at any cross-section of the building. Their straight surface also makes welding and jointing easier.

Easy to transport

The hollow parts of the steel will reduce the weight due to the low density of the cross-sectional surface. This feature allows steel pipes to be easily moved to many locations, even complex positions on the site with not too much effort.

Convenience in inspection and repairing

The hollow internal structure will facilitate the manufacturer to check for damage or rust inside the pipe. Therefore, if there are problems in joints or scratches, engineers can easily recognize and handle them promptly.

Looking for a reputable square hollow section steel supplier in Vietnam 

Square hollow section steel is currently one of the most commonly used construction materials today, however, the Vietnamese steel market has a variety of supplying sources that will make contractors, especially importers, will easily buy failed products. Therefore, to ensure the best quality for the project, choosing a reputable steel supplier having a close connection to the factory will be the right choice.

MRS Steel is proud to be an enterprise specializing in providing steel solutions for importers with many years of experience in the Vietnam steel market. Based on extensive relationships with many large factories in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat, Ton Dong A, Ton Nam Kim, Ton Hoa Sen,... We ensure the source of square box steel supplied to customers is the original products and these all meet quality standards with full CO and CQ certificates.

If you have a need for advice and review the price list of square hollow section steels directly from the factory without having to go through any intermediary agent, please contact the information below!