Importing prestigious and quality hot-rolled coil from Vietnam

Importing prestigious and quality hot-rolled coil from Vietnam

Steel NewsDate: 23-05-2023 by: Ngoc Cam

Hot rolled coil is one of the materials with high application in industry and construction worldwide thanks to advantages such as easy processing, custom forming, low cost, easy maintenance,... MRS Steel will introduce to you the benefits of products as well as preeminent hot rolled coil production technology in Vietnam.

1. What is hot rolled coil

Hot rolled coil is at high temperatures up to 1,700 degrees F. This is a higher temperature than the crystallization temperature of many other steels, which makes hot rolled coil products easier to apply. Products are manufactured in many different thicknesses, usually with a width of 1500mm or 2000mm and a minimum weight of 24 tons.

The surface of hot-rolled coil will initially be a grayish-green color when finished, but it will eventually turn a dark brown color. Assuming that HRC is traded from Vietnam to different nations, the surface might go to gold because of the impact of ocean steam.


2. How is hot rolled coil produced

Manufacturers can use scrap steel or iron ore to make hot rolled coil. The process of processing scrap steel is relatively simple when it is only necessary to classify the materials to transfer to an electric arc furnace (EAF) or an induction furnace (IF) to smelt into square billets and roll out hot rolled coil.

More expertise and technology are required to produce hot rolled coil from iron ore. In the first step, iron ores are sintering, combined with coke coal and other additives such as lime, dolomite put into the iron furnace. Next, the liquid iron is transferred to the continuous smelting - casting - rolling combination to make the necessary steel grades and cast flat billets.  The flat billet will then be processed at the steel mill to produce the final product, hot rolled coil or cut sheet.


3. Vietnam's cutting-edge technology for producing hot-rolled coils

Formosa and Hoa Phat are the two largest producers of hot-rolled coils in Vietnam at the moment. Hoa Phat Group has made an investment in the QSP hot-rolled coil factory, which is the most advanced continuous casting-rolling complex in the world. The complex of hot-rolled coil production lines includes 2 sheet billet casting machines, 2 Tuynel furnaces and a thin sheet rolling mill with a total output of 3.5 tons per year. All equipment and machinery of the factory are designed, supplied and installed by Danieli Group (Italy) with a commitment to modern thin sheet rolling lines, ensuring the highest HRC quality and minimizing energy consumable and environmentally friendly.


4. Application of hot rolled coil

Hot rolled coil has the preeminent advantage of being cheap, easy to shape and preserve, but is not appreciated for its aesthetics, so it is often suitable for construction projects that do not require high form outside. Hot rolled coil is the main raw material for the production of cold rolled coil and widely used in many other fields and industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing all kinds of section steel (V, U, I, H,…), welded pipe, cast steel
  • Railways, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, chassis
  • Processing household appliances, metal door frames, tempered glass doors


5. How to import hot rolled coil from Vietnam

According to statistics of the Vietnam Steel Association (VSA), in March 2022, Vietnam exported 6,800 tons of hot rolled coil to the US, ranking fifth in the US's largest supplier of HRC. Currently, Hoa Phat Group's two hot-rolled coil production projects are Hoa Phat Dung Quat 1 has a capacity of 4 million tons per year and Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 has a capacity of 5.6 million tons per year, including 2.6 million tons of steel billet and 3 million tons of HRC annually. Vietnam has been able to meet both its domestic and export requirements as a result of this, reducing its reliance on imports.

Vietnam's hot rolled coil is made using a cutting-edge European continuous rolling casting production line that complies with stringent international standards like ASTM, JIS, and GB/T. In addition to the high quality of the product, the low cost of labor, and many other advantages, Vietnam's hot rolled coil production cost is better than that of some other exporting nations. This is also the driving force for many importers who want to buy hot rolled coil in Vietnam but still face difficulties in purchasing policy, legal and domestic customs.

The current solution for steel importers from Vietnam is to find suppliers and sources to connect with the largest domestic steel corporations. This also helps you to reduce the risk of fraud, scam or avoid poor quality steel companies due to lack of understanding of domestic supply. In addition, before the continuous fluctuations of the market, the government may change import and export procedures and regulations without prior notice, making steel importers passive in updating information. Customers will save a lot of time, effort, and money on transportation if intermediary supply businesses provide prompt assistance, as well as ensure that imported goods are safe, accurate, and of high quality.


Hopefully through the overview information about hot rolled coil and advanced HRC production technology in Vietnam that MRS Steel shared has helped you gain more useful knowledge. For any advice on importing Vietnamese steel in general and hot rolled coil in particular, please contact MRS Steel via hotline +84 76 911 2358 for 24/7 attentive support.