The EU expects the price of HRC to increase in the final months of the year

The EU expects the price of HRC to increase in the final months of the year

Steel NewsDate: 03-11-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

Europe, with its well-developed steel industry and strong potential, is confidently anticipating a surge in the price of hot rolled coil in the final months of the year. Positive indicators and specific factors have created an ideal situation for steel price increases and mark the recovery of the steel industry after a challenging period.

HRC price in Europe

Between October 13th and October 20th, 2023, the price of hot rolled coil in Western Europe decreased by €10 per ton compared to the previous week, reaching a range of €610-€630 per ton. This price decrease started at the beginning of October, with a €50 per ton drop on September 29th, equivalent to 7.3%. Meanwhile, the Italian market also experienced a similar price reduction, with hot rolled coil prices dropping by €10 per ton compared to the previous week and €20 per ton compared to the end of September. The price difference between Western and Southern Europe has narrowed, and the market is facing pressure from low-cost imported hot rolled coil.

Service centers and distributors are currently experiencing low sales volumes due to reduced consumer demand. The significant volume of imports from Asia and India continues to put pressure on the market, and the European automotive industry is going through a slump, significantly impacting the purchase of hot rolled coil. Some steel companies are temporarily halting operations to balance supply and demand and prevent further price declines.

Despite the weak market conditions, European steel producers are reducing production capacity to maintain balance, and it is anticipated that the market may face a supply shortage in November and December, potentially leading to an increase in hot rolled coil prices.

HRC prices in other markets

In the hot rolled coil steel market, prices in major countries like the United States, China, and India have experienced notable fluctuations. In the United States, hot rolled coil prices have been trending upwards from $680-700 USD per ton to $692-720 USD per ton. This is the result of factors such as trade policies, regulations on steel imports, and domestic industry protection measures. However, prices can still vary due to factors like supply and demand in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

In China, one of the largest players in the global steel market, hot rolled coil prices have remained relatively stable recently. Additionally, China's steel production policies and output can impact both domestic and export steel prices. Factors like production restrictions or policy changes may not significantly alter prices in the short term.

In India, hot rolled coil steel prices are often influenced by domestic supply and demand as well as imports. Currently, hot rolled coil prices in India are stable, and economic growth and infrastructure development are creating increased demand for steel. However, factors such as trade policies and anti-dumping measures can influence steel prices in the near future.