Application Of Round Steel Hollow Section

Application Of Round Steel Hollow Section

BlogDate: 22-11-2023 by: Nhu Quynh

With their compressive resistance, tensile resistance, and toughness, round steel hollow section are often used for many different purposes in civil works. They are usually commercially available as hot-rolled coils or cold-formed sections.

1. What is a round steel hollow section?

Round steel hollow section is also known as round steel pipe or round steel tube. Is a typical type of steel used in civil engineering. They have smooth and clean joints, do not have sharp edges and are not convex or concave. Thanks to their properties, circular steel hollow section can be excellent choices for columns, struts, tie rods,...

However, at present, the use of round steel hollow section in construction is not popular, mainly because circular steel hollow section products require complicated details in joints, so the product is often relatively expensive.

2. Advantages of a round steel hollow section

High aesthetics

A round steel hollow section is a circular steel hollow section that is applied in many fields of mechanics, structure and construction. Circular steel pipe has clear and consistent lines; its smooth, glossy, concave finish makes the round steel hollow section the perfect choice for aesthetic purposes. In addition, the rational use of hollow parts inside steel also makes the building cleaner and more spacious.

Corrosion resistance

As a hollow structure made from joints welded together, round steel hollow section help protect steel better than other shaped steels. Especially at joints, where there is a smooth transition from one section to another. This contributes to an increase in the protective time of the coating, which helps resist corrosion. The results have been checked through numerous assessments conducted in various countries.

Using internal space

One of the special advantages of the round steel hollow section compared to other types of steel is taking advantage of the internal space. The hollow inside of the circular steel pipe is used for various purposes such as pouring concrete, fire protection, heating and ventilation,... In addition, in other cases, internal gaps are used to install electrical wiring.

3. Applications of round steel hollow section

Making concrete pillars

The hollow parts of the round steel hollow section are often used to pour concrete, meeting the load capacity of the building. The application of concrete to the columns of the circular steel tube not only increases the bearing capacity but also helps to increase the fire resistance time.

Application of fire resistance to buildings

One of the modern methods of fire resistance is the use of a round steel hollow section . The columns are connected to a large water tank, and in the event of a fire, the convective circulation of water helps increase the fire resistance of buildings. Typically, this method is used with buildings with eight floors or more.

Heating and ventilation

In large buildings, the inner section of the round steel hollow section is used to circulate air for heating and ventilation. For heating and ventilation applications, the circular steel tube maximizes floor space by eliminating heat exchangers, contributing to uniform heating of the entire floor.

The above article contains information about the round steel hollow section and its applications in life. If you want more information and a quotation, please contact us HERE.